How digital printing can help market your restaurant & cafes

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Once you have started, or are thinking of starting a restaurant or cafe, you have already spent some time thinking about setting, menu, prices, and weather. How much did you think of your marketing materials?

Print marketing materials are a great way to position your clients. Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions. If they are already eating at your place, proper marketing will remind them of their good knowledge and bring them back.

Here are some of the marketing tools we know are very effective in branding your restaurant or cafe.


Let’s start with the menu. Think carefully about the design of your restaurant menu because it is much more than a simple car to transfer prices, description, and availability. Your menu should match the ambiance level and price point you want to set. They can be careless and playful, relate the scope of your food and drink offering, convey a sense of order and beauty or bring out other endless situations. Any way you want to set up your restaurant or cafe, your menu should match that feeling.

Takeout Menus

These are the menu that goes out the door with your customers. Think outside the box. Your output menu does not have to be a single page of items, blank descriptions, and pricing. If you are a lunch breaker, send stacks of your exit menus to nearby businesses.

Table Tents

What do your guests place their orders and sit there doing? The interval between ordering and arrival of food is a good time to capture their attention with masterfully crafted table tents and your food counter where they wait to get the food. Let their eyes fall on the news of your latest drink or dessert offers, or messages about happy hour prices, or upcoming events. Remember to change your messages and introduce new features from time to time, so that your regular users do not stop seeing your messages.

Premium Business Cards

Make it a practice to carry several business cards when meeting potential sponsors. A well-designed business card will convey all the information and encouragement you can give just by looking at: address, phone number, website, email, and a quick idea of ​​what kind of food and ambiance your customer can expect. You could even try adding a coupon code to your business card!

Direct Mail Messaging

Your fun and relaxed restaurant want to make repeat customers local people nearby. The most often overlooked marketing strategy is direct postage in the area. Put a refrigerator magnet in it, and your messages will stick for a while. Your large, bold phone number and website URL can encourage fast order delivery by keeping your location high in mind whenever eaters are hungry and unwilling to cook.


Special prices are an excellent way to increase response rate. Coupons are especially valuable during slow-moving weeks, months, or years. Print coupons are also a great way to explore marketing strategies and bring in new dinners you may have missed.

Custom Flyers

A short message, along with a special coupon, address, and basic information about what kind of food can be found in your area is all you need when designing an effective flyer. Take them out on the street, in parking lots near your location, or at social events that will attract the customer you want.

Your print communication campaign can work or independently in your digital marketing campaign. Carefully plan your plans to acquire new food, promote the extra business of your semi-regulars, and keep your establishment in mind for all. Do it!

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