Privacy Policy

Updated November 22, 2021

VASARI Print values ​​its customers and respects their privacy. We collect customer information in an effort to improve your purchasing experience and to communicate with you about our products, services, competitions, and promotions.

VASARI Print recognizes the obligation to store and use customer information responsibly. We do not sell or rent the information you provide online to third parties. However, we share your information with third parties under certain circumstances as described below.

This policy describes the personal information we collect about you, why we collect it, how we use it and when we share it with other people. Our policy also describes decisions you may make regarding how we collect and use your information. If you have questions about our privacy policy, click here to contact VASARI Print customer service email.

If our information processes change in the future, we will notify you by posting policy changes on our website or by contacting you directly. We will notify you of any such changes before we use your personal information in a manner not previously disclosed in our privacy policy. You will immediately be able to opt-out of any new uses for your information.


We collect information (such as your name, email address, postal address, telephone numbers, and credit card) that you provide when you place an order, store your information with us, or participate in a contest, promotion, or survey. We also keep a record of your product interests and purchases online and in our stores. All information we collect is provided to third parties ONLY if they have a hand in fulfilling your order.


When you shop online at VASARI Print, we use your information to process your order. We will also send you emails to confirm your order, and we may need to contact you by phone, post, or email if we have any questions about your order or delivery. In addition, you will be automatically signed up to receive email updates about our products, services, contests, and promotions. Order delivery we use your name, address, and phone number when planning a delivery with our selected courier company. The phone number allows them to contact you in person if necessary or delivery updates are sent to mobile numbers. Your number is not used by them for marketing purposes and only for the delivery of your item.

If at any time you would like us to remove you from our email or mailing list, feel free to contact VASARI Print customer service at click here. Please be sure to enter the full name and any other relevant information. If you have previously requested that we be removed from our email list, we will not sign you for email updates when you place an online order. Please note that it may take up to 8 weeks to remove yours from our list.

From time to time, we may also send you emails to help us learn more about your purchase options. Additionally, we may use information about your product preferences and purchases to help us improve our site design and your purchase information. When you shop online or over the phone, we may also send you notifications about our products, services, competitions, and promotions via email OR message.

In order to provide you with a better experience, we may combine information you provide online and in our stores such as body cards such as information about your interests and purchases with your product. Additionally, we may combine the information you provide with publicly available census information. We use this integrated information to improve and personalize your shopping experience with us, as well as to email you about our products, services, competitions, and promotions that you may be interested in. If you do not want us to use your information as described above, please contact the VASARI Print service by sending an email to


We contract with third parties to assist us in maintaining and managing our customer information in order to achieve promotions and communication with our customers. We do not authorize any of these third parties to use any of your personal information.

Additionally, when we meet with another company to offer or provide products, services, competitions or promotions, we and another company may refer to our customer database to identify regular customers. We and a third party may use such information to identify future advertising opportunities and to fulfill promotional or contractual obligations. When we offer competitions and promotions, or join other companies to do so, clients who choose to participate in those competitions and promotions may be asked to provide personal information in order to participate. That information may be used by us or any other sponsor or promotion company to inform the winners or to fulfill the promotion obligations.

If prior to participating in a contest or promotion, you choose not to receive information from us, you may still receive information from or about VASARI Print about the competition or promotion if you choose to participate in it. You may choose not to participate in these competitions or promotions if you do not want to receive information about VASARI Print or share your experience with us and other companies that sponsor those competitions or promotions.

We also may share aggregated, non-personally identifiable information about you (such as age, gender, and types of products purchased) with business partners in order to fulfill our contractual obligations. Except as described above, we do not share, rent or sell any of the information we collect online from any unauthorized third party.


To access your information online, simply click the ACCOUNT link to sign in, then select the appropriate category to update, edit, or delete your personal information. Please note that any requests to change the times we send you email updates may take up to eight weeks.

If at any time you would like us to remove you from our email or mailing list or if you do not want us to use your information to improve your purchasing information, feel free to contact VASARI Print customer service by email at Please make sure you enter your email address and full name.


We only want to contact you if you want to hear about us. If you choose not to receive information from us, by email or telephone, please let us know by sending us an email to

Please note that such requests may take six to eight weeks to process. In addition, if you ask us to remove your name and address from our email or mailing list, we will keep your name in the “do not send” file to ensure that we are able to honor your request. Please also note that when you purchase, we will send you an email to confirm your order and may need to contact you by phone, post or email if we have any questions about your order.


We at VASARI Print are concerned about the safety of children when using the Internet. In accordance with the Online Child Protection Privacy Act 1998, we will not knowingly request personal information from anyone under the age of 13 without the prior written consent of the parent.

If we know that the registrant is under the age of 13 and has registered without parental pre-verification consent, we will remove his / her identifiable information from our files.


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What are cookies?

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How do we use cookies?

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How to control cookies

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